Core Values


We handle every task delivered to us Hands-On, taking full accountability of the agreed outcomes and deliverable’s expected of us. We do not tolerate mediocre service delivery, we perceive the expectations from our prospects and clients to be no different and with that said we stand out above our competitors ready and capable for the next challenge.


LA Sky ventures in major logistics and transport opportunities afforded to us to empower previously disadvantaged South-Africans by creating jobs and to share opportunities to smaller sub-contracting divisions for the performance of our clients requirements.

Training Awards 2020

Our internal sub-divisions, complex whole or organized systems are outsourced- at any particular time, especially as marked by certain circumstances or occurrences- exclusively to 100% woman owned- or 51% – 100% black owned entities.  

Transparency Communication Integrity

LA Sky builds its vision simply on these. We believe that this is what it takes to get ahead in any challenge when co-operating in a team to reach our goals. Communication with one another and with our clients is an integral part of our operations and with the element of transparency within our communication strategy we have come to learn that success does not come easier or in any other way.   LA Sky aims to be the first choice in government associated logistic schemes and projects, transporting the tools to make South-Africa better.

LA Sky also aims to be the best, one of a kind 1-stop-shop for all transporting solutions – from local motorcycle deliveries to major cross-border haulage, international exports and imports.

We are about hassle free logistics, transport- nationally and cross border haulage, exports & imports without the rip-off’s and with allot more value for money…