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The World Cargo Alliance (WCA) is the largest, most dominant network of independent freight forwarders with 5320 member offices in 190 countries. Our partners, as a member have access to the foremost freight partners in 748 cities and ports across the globe.

Furthermore, our alliance partners are also members of Combined Logistics Network (CLN), a sophisticated Alliance of Global partners that develop fruitful business relationships with each other.

The global freight networking member stations are comprised of the BEST in their business with proven track records for many years already!

Becoming a LA Sky client widens your horizons and gives you the possibility and contingency to expand your business opportunities endlessly.

Our Clients become our Partners. Becoming a long-time partner likely requires us to know our clients’ business almost as well as we know our own. We get to know their industry, their pain points, and how they work to provide their own clients with solutions to their issues. We believe when client and vendor are partners, both bring ideas to the table and learn from each other.

Keeping Focused, But AdaptableIf a company’s overall services have proven successful, they obviously want to stick with what has gotten them this far. However, as our enterprise grows, as our clients’ needs change, or as our competitive environment shifts, how we provide the services may not work as well as it previously did. Although it can be difficult, we adjust accordingly. We continuously step outside the box, look inwards, and reassess our assumptions about what our clients need and how we could best meet these needs. This sometimes means bringing in new managers with the specialized expertise we need to make the change, or to re-evaluate our processes and technologies we’ve been using, to better serve our clients. Most importantly, doing so requires an organizational culture, which we nurture at the top, of a desire to learn, an intrinsic quest to improve, and sufficient humility to change. Therefore our feedback from our clients are rated priority, whether negative or not, it is needed to adapt our processes to meet the needs and expectations of our most valuable asset – our clients. We welcome your thoughts to feedback@lasky.biz

According to a third party logistics study by Capgemini, ‘cutting transportation costs’ makes the top of the list as far as concerns for the logistics industry. Some other obvious pain-points make the list as well, but perhaps the most important and at times challenging concern is the need for greater innovations and technology advances while remaining budget-conscious.

Here is a snapshot into the top challenges facing the industry.

Fuel Costs. One of the highest costs contributing to the ‘cutting transportation cost’ concern is fuel prices. Higher fuel prices are likely to increase transportation costs for RSA shippers this year by pushing up fuel surcharges. Rising RSA diesel fuel prices are escalating surcharges added to freight rates, which is reversing a two-year trend that cut into the revenue and earnings of truckers as fuel prices plummeted.

Business Process Improvement. Notwithstanding the need for new technology, which we discuss in number eight on this list, it has become an increasing challenge for the logistics industry to stay on top of new advances in business processes. Taking advantage of these new opportunities sounds enticing but adoption and onboarding can be overwhelming.

Improved Customer Service. Customers want full transparency into where their delivery is at all times. These days, the location of a package is as interconnected as your social network. In fact, as customer expectations have increased, their willingness to pay for fast shipping has decreased with just about 64 percent of consumers unwilling to pay anything extra for less than two-day shipping.

Economy. With high fuel prices comes a greater credit crisis and rising inflationary demands that take a greater toll on the RSA economy. This industry is then pressured by increasing compliance regulations, declining demand, additional capacity with additional increases in key cost centers.

Driver Shortage & Retention. Hiring and retention remain an issue despite the lower demand mentioned above.

Technology Strategy & Implementation. While the industry understands and supports many of the benefits of these technologies, some questions remain as to how they will pay for it and who will help implement the improvements.

We understand how difficult it can be to manage these concerns. Outsourcing all or a portion of your freight and business processes can often provide the required expertise, people, capacity and IT systems needed to help reduce expenses, improve visibility into the supply chain, effectively manage the supply chain and achieve greater ongoing profitability.

LA Sky offers the right solutions to help lighten your load. We constantly work around the clock to explore and find solutions to save our clients firstly money, whilst adding value to our services for you and secondly to save you more time whilst upholding seamless processes.

We ensure full transparency into where our clients delivery is at all times.

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LA Sky’s Success Soars with its vision

LA Sky's Success Soars with its vision
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